Are you an expert in whatever you’re an expert in? Are you someone who knows what you know? Or are you someone that has come up with a bunch of ideas on something but haven’t yet gotten around to implementing? These are some of the top challenges associate managers face: 1. Do you feel as if you’re making up solutions to problems that your team is experiencing? 2.

Not everyone needs to have a degree in programming or in software to be able to effectively make it in the industry. While degrees will be required to make some changes to the field, they are certainly not required to be extremely successful. If you are capable of finding other tasks that help you contribute in the field, then youve got the potential to take you a level above most others.

We need to get our team members engaged, focused, and working. When this happens, people who we can best utilize will succeed, and people we wont be able to help as much will fail. Working people are great at making people happy, because theyre constantly striving for more and bigger. This is why working people love to talk about what they believe in. Being around people who love what they do for its own sake is how they feel motivated to constantly improve it.

I think this article is great. As an engineering manager, I cant think of one time I met new team members who didnt get it. After the 1st couple meetings, the 2nd, 3rd, etc time, everyone felt it too. Now im not saying theres something wrong with the process or its a bad team to work with.

I believe that this article and others like it can be used as a guide for anyone looking to improve their teams (both on individual jobs as well as team level situations) as well as individuals looking to improve their team. I have seen in the old blog that it was mentioned that this type of video can improve customer retention and engagement. I’m wondering what is the relationship between customer retention and engagement? I have to read this article multiple times just to understand this concept.

You probably haven’t heard of it, so go check it out if you don’t know what this means, but some great things about this video are that it’s short and very helpful, it encourages sharing knowledge and inspires others to see things from up higher. Also, think about what would make a better video. Some great example I can think of is a video when your boss wants your feedback, he asks you to write it down.


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