If your Windows system has been compromised by hackers, it can very easily be used for fraudulent purposes. But if you are wondering how to recognize a possible Windows malware installation, we’ll tell you.

How to determine the software is infected with malware. Is the system unplugged? If the system is unplugged, the system will likely not notify you of infection. Is your system plugged into a power backup? Is the power back up after the system is rebooted? Are you running a system restore? If you are unsure, you can use your laptop or desktop as a test drive.

Here’s where the “unofficial” windows support community comes in; if you don’t have an official Microsoft Support account, the best place to go is The Official Windows Malware Removal Guide. You’ll find that information included in the manual.

Here is what you need to know before you install Windows if your Windows is vulnerable to any infections. Windows Malware Removal Guide. I had a similar issue where I had a computer that had corrupted files on it.. So I contacted the manufacturer and they informed me that there was a virus that I had to uninstall. The manufacturer also informed me of the risks associated with taking away my warranty for virus removal software I would not recommend.


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