It’s been quite a while since I did a big-ticket iTunes exclusive. Today is the day when all of those songs were free through Apple’s distribution plan. So, I have to give you some good reasons to download Itunes again. All of these new videos are the same as they were years ago with some slight changes.

I like Itunes’ model of distribution. It is an Apple-owned company, they made this and it works. You can keep the old-style iTunes model. Keep most of your music and podcasts. If they wanted to charge for those songs, it would be silly. But they don’t. Just think of what they can do, and they seem to be doing a good job all around.

There are thousands of websites that sell online-audio- and video services. So, the concept of iTunes is more in the realm of marketing and business than music. Of course, this is important when you are trying to get your music to other folks around the world. But this is so much better if it can happen in a few years.

Yes, it can happen very soon. You are welcome to use the iTunes model for the distribution of all your music. Keep the original format. It will give you a bigger audience. And it will allow you to be able to add music from many different sources. And then, you will be able to distribute and share all of your songs.

I’m gonna go for it. Itunes is very different compared to the first time you’ve used the service. It will change how you get your music. Also, for the first time ever, your music will be completely FREE! That is how this is supposed to work. All of your music will be free. And you’ll be able to enjoy a lot of new things.


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