This special training session has been designed and organized by one of the most respected names in the IT industry. Mx Master has produced a deep research study on software trends from past, present and upcoming leaders in the IT market. Their focus is on how software and IT will improve the way businesses live and run their business in the future.

The following is a brief recap of 12 hot software trends that will be considered in the discussion on software trends. Predicting how to use mobile technology will be the biggest challenge for software vendors. This is because there are three platforms for mobile adoption in 2017-2018, namely: 1) Android Tablets: For example, Samsung has announced its entry into the mid sized tablet market, which will give them exposure to users of Google’s Android OS.

The mobile space is now in its very early stages. While the emergence of all-in-ones makes it easier to access the Internet as a whole, there are more people using smartphones, laptops, and tablets (as well as other devices) than ever before. With the continued development and wide availability of innovative mobile apps, this will likely become the mobile operating system of the future.

In this session we will look beyond the basics to explore the different types of mobile apps and how the best tools for each to thrive in the future.


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