Cape Girardeau, a community known for its fine bourbon, beer, and cheese is also home to the world’s largest tobacco factory right here in the town. Now, all of these things have been brought under the umbrella of the coronavirus.

In addition to the changes we’ve already outlined above affecting our local stores, the new outbreak is also making a difference in your ability to spend money. Because of the shortage of groceries and other essential items, we’ve been inundated with offers of free food at the grocery store! Don’t be that shopper who stands in the checkout line with one hand reaching for his wallet while the other frantically plops an order of chicken thighs into the cart.

It may seem as if the coronavirus were not here in 2019 and that it was only in November but that isnt the case. Weve still been having the Coronavirus to a degree where many are saying it could become worse in the future but more importantly it is still not here in the community. But what has really surprised as we have not been hit as hard as many are calling for is how many people get tested when they arrive.

This means we can expect to see a spike in how people get tested as we continue to get the virus. Most of the people who get the coronavirus are able to treat for it once the symptoms have kicked in but only a small percentage of people make it through the “worsening” stages. For this reason we are going to be in the community to make sure those who need assistance are getting to the appropriate emergency services.

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