Apple has quickly become the dominant operating system supplier in the smart-home industry because their devices and their software have become the most reliable and easy-to-use. Because of the Apple experience, the industry has grown in leaps and bounds. You’ve just bought a new home and the only thing is you don’t know how to get your appliances set up.

My old blog is still running and updating, so check out the new blog for similar information about the ins and outs of smart home products.

I love the new blog from this author so much that I am keeping it updated! And it is so much more fun and informative.

I love Steve Hsu’s blog, and I have come to love the new blog, The Tech Tester. I love reading about people testing products. New blog: Apple’s smart homes are really the future as of now. Their products will be great and provide the necessary security for our homes. Many of us have heard of voice control and the new remote control, however, what we dont know is the new technology can control the home more easily and efficiently.

In fact, the Apple Macbook Air is able to control the entire Macbook Air computer. You could run a complete household with just one Mac computer. Apple’s MacAir is a single battery powered stand-alone computer that works like a computer, yet allows you to add your Mac desktop for work, home, and entertainment.


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