This new partnership between and Drake is a new type of advertising campaign that will be going around the country and will ultimately benefit Best Buy as well as Drake who is a major music label. Drake has said that many of his biggest hits and songs are based 100% on ideas from when he plays on He also has a line of merchandise like hats, t-shirts, mugs, and more coming out soon.

Drake’s first album, “Drake”, is the perfect way to get started as a musician, but let’s not forget that Drake was the first artist to sign to Apple Records, the same company that Apple, Beats, and everyone else have. His last album, “The LP” also has a ton of good music for you to enjoy! All fans of Drake are going to love this new advertising campaign and we think Best Buy will too.

This is a fantastic way to advertise and promote your products and services whether you use Apple, Google or another music label. We like their advertising, they are creative, and they don’t take themselves and their products or services too seriously. And their products and customers do as well, so even if you can’t come up with a new tune, it’s safe to assume that Drake is worth the time you spend on

As an avid fan of Drake, I could not be more excited to learn all of his song ideas which we are sure to have a lot of fun with. If you like classic Hip-Hop and/or R&B, I would also really like to see you join my team at Gizmodo. With the help of the D-Street community, you too can be a part of this amazing project that my team at Gizmodo are working on.


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