Best Buy offers some brilliant value in the form of a micro-sd card. Even if you have a huge amount of video games, movies, and music and don’t have a huge data plan to use it, Best Buy even offers some micro-subscriptions where they let you use it as a monthly bill for only $3.99.

You can save $80 by paying the card for a year. We think it’s a great way to have less money while keeping your data intact.

If you are still at a loss as to how to increase your savings and spend less on the same, you need to read this blog.

The problem with going for a car or tablet, we often use a credit card every month for something. What does this mean? That you are not saving any money so your spending a lot. In contrast, if you have a micro-budget and only have things you need and don´t spend much, you should be able to save a good amount which you use to live comfortably. This means that you should have your savings close to your disposable income.

The key to a long term savings is to not make big purchases in the first place. If you are going for the cheapest one it isnt going to be good anyway. You have to save a bit if you want to be safe, and save it carefully. If you do make a big purchase, always aim to take a smaller chunk. By the time you have saved over your limit, you need to be able to pay it off fairly quickly.

If it is a good idea to start saving and investing you can save lots of additional money on other purchases aswell. Not every purchase needs to be expensive. Instead of having to decide between an expensive computer or the latest smartphone, take a smaller trip to the shops to buy those things you need in order to have the internet or phone in your house. The best way to save money is in a savings account.

This would be a great way to not make a big purchase, while still having all those things you use everyday. That way you dont have to spend as much, or you can still save a fair chunk of money in a good savings account. We would recommend going for an interest-bearing savings account, such as a UPI savings account. The UPI Savings Account is an interesting account for savings.


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