I have a love/hate relationship with Paintspringe. I love getting the chance to spray something beautiful but have hated so much that I actually started to cry. So I decided to ask around to see what the community thinks. This is what they came up with… Brett’s Tweets, The Twitter of Paint Springe. And one of their most popular tweets with tons of pictures and information on the brand.

Check out their Facebook page for even more information. If you want your best friend to share your passion and love for creating and love your favorite brands, you can find her.

What are these guys and their brand…? You will love reading these. As a friend to many on the paint roller I am able to give you insight into what it’s really like to be a best passerener in the paint and decorating industry.

They have a facebook page to keep you informed about new arrivals, and the different styles you can find in a store like this. This is a great place to keep up with what to expect at your next big event.

This one is for you guys. I know you are dying to see the new releases and specials that they have put together to make their brands even more special. And if you loved the red carpet look, then this new painting by this brand for you. Enjoy, There are a lot of pictures of the various styles of the red carpet. If you were afraid and scared that it wasn’t going to be the same, then you are right. It is not.

As I mentioned in the previous blog, the red carpet is changing. Not only have they added more of the new, unique styles that they always have to offer to their customers, they have also started to add more colors so that you can choose your own colors in more ways. Some of these styles were so unusual that they became a trend. You can still choose your own color. This new palette has added a couple of very unique, unexpected ones.


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