The StatusNET microblogging software by Statusnet brings together microblog data, social media feeds, trending topics, news and weather, in one place. Our objective is to create an easy way for marketers, companies, teams, sales personnel and anyone in the marketing realm to create an interactive microblog that anyone can use with ease.

Using the Status Net microblogging software means getting into the habit of following through on any promises we make to others. Every promise we make must be kept. What I mean by that is, if something hasn’t happened by next Friday, you can’t be sure how seriously to take our efforts. If I can’t deliver on the promises I make, then we’re not going to make any.

The smart decision in micro blogging is to follow through and do what we promise for the future. We are all about promises. I can promise you that we will do our best with our time, money and resources to deliver on our mission.


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