Every bathroom is different. Let’s look at the types of paint in our bathrooms and take a look at 10 ways coronavirus has changed how we think about best paint for bathroom.

I want to spend the evening with you in my office, painting. In your office, take time to go through your paint to find the right color for your room. Take time to do each and every little detail, but when it comes time to get started, I want you to create a mood and feel with your paint. Be sure to get a lot of paint, your bathroom is one of the first places to get paint because you’ll have a lot to work with.

What will you expect to create from this process you have to create a mood and paint an image. I am talking about creating a mood by having fun with your color choices, making it a good mood for your bathroom. You and I are going to paint our bathroom walls.

Get down on the floor and go over each area of your bathroom. Go over each area of your bathroom, and take a good look at what each room of your bathroom will hold when finished. Once you’re done with your bathroom floor cleaning, you and I are going to go over the paint colors used in your bathroom. Once you’re done with the painting, you and I will go over each area of our bathroom, look at the space and see which colors will look best together.


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