Best Longsword is a series of short articles on the subject of saving money on longsword. The topics are varied. From basic tips and strategies to the latest technology available that the longsword community also use to improve their swordsmanship. Each article is linked to an additional article covering related topics. As always, feel free to subscribe and like the author in order to receive future articles.

The latest weapon is the computer, which has made several changes in the way we do things now that our ancestors would have been very impressed with. Today, even the most basic of tasks we can undertake with or without a computer are easier in the near future. In other words, you will be able to carry on with what are considered the most basic of tasks without relying on a computer or laptop.

Here are some common tasks I have had to carry out in my everyday life without the aid of a computer: pay bills and bills automatically, save money, maintain my money, and work on my social media profiles. In all of these cases I was aided greatly by the technology available today. If it works to your advantage, you might be able to save a small amount of money.

In the past, we were all slaves to the computer. No longer. Not only will you be able to automate some of your current tasks, it will also increase work efficiency and save you from some of the frustration that comes from having the ability to work and do things when your computer is not handy. We want to help you save time and money so you can work at your best and accomplish your goals, so let’s start saving.

Not only will it allow you to keep track of your financial status in real-time — you won’t have to go through hoops. One of my pet peeves is that you can’t find your credit card online and all you end up doing is waiting for it. That’s no good for anyone.


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