China was one of the earliest industrial powers of the world and has had a strong influence on the country’s current economic status and the country’s quality of life for the last several hundred years. While the country is now in a state of economic growth and prosperity, Chinese cinema is still one of the most influential in a country where art is celebrated in a way not seen anywhere else on the globe, and the number of films released each year is the envy of every filmmaker.

We take you on an exclusive tour of 10 China films that will take you to the movies, food, and even the Chinese history.

We show you 10 China cinematic treasures, like the best of the movie stars, the first movie ever made about human cloning, and the best of the country.

This blog is written by a Chinese friend living in New York. What makes his new blog unique is that his story and photos are real. After learning about the life stories of celebrities, I became fascinated by what they went through to become famous, and he shared that his success stories are the same.

A great way to meet locals who share your opinions and ideas. We have hundreds of thousands of blog followers on our site already and growing! This time we showcase the stories of our friends on every corner of the world we know! We show how everyone is an internet friend and we have them share their tips, best practices, and life’s little tricks.


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